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How to Reduce Computer Radiation

Computer Radiation

If you are always on your computer typing away words or surfing the Internet (or whatever else people constantly do on their computers hours on end), you are at risk of computer radiations. Apparently, computers emit radiations detrimental to your overall health – scores of people are oblivious to this fact. All electronic devices, not just computers, emit harmful radiations that are later absorbed by your body. Fortunately, it is easier to reduce computer radiation.

How Do You Prevent and Reduce These Harmful Radiations?

It might sound awkward but taking foods highly concentrated with Vitamin C and A proves quite helpful. Studies show that a high intake of cherries, carrots and apples can exceedingly help in providing your body with these healthy vitamins. These foods have a natural ability to fight off the destructive effects of computer radiations in your body.

In addition, ventilated coolers are also thought to be useful in the reduction of the amount of radiation that gets directed to your body. You just need to place your computer near a well-ventilated cooler, and voila! It might not be 100% percent effective but those carcinogenic substances emitted by your computer will certainly not get absorbed in your body. In fact, computer fans/and coolers can also efficiently reduce computer radiation.

How you place your computer can also have an effect on you. Make sure the back side of your computer is facing away from you, and that you are in a well-ventilated area. Radiations from a computer get emitted from all sides, but the back side emits higher and strongest levels. Your computer screen also discharges these harmful emissions. To be safe, keep an ideal distance away from your computer screen – two-and-a-halffeet away is perfect enough an eye distance.

Alternatively, purchase a new computer to reduce the amount of computer radiation that get emitted and accidentally absorbed by your body. Why, you ask? Old computers, compared to the new ones, emit stronger levels of these destructive radiations. Thanks to innovative technological ideas, computers these days are crafted and designed to be eco-friendly and less harmful than older models. Thus, do your body due diligence and buy a new computer model.

Another ingenious way of reducing and preventing these detrimental radiations is by employing the use of a radiation filter plate. These filters are available online and in local computer stores at affordable prices. To find out exactly how much radiation you’re exposing yourself to; place a computer radiation filter in front of your computer screen. You’ll know how much radiation your body is exposed to. To get correct readings, avoid placing metal substances near your PC.

Your facial skin is also predisposed to the destructive radiations – perhaps even more than any other exposed part of your body.To reduce getting affected by them, applying a layer of facial mask can go a long way in blocking the harmful rays from getting absorbed by your skin. Thoroughly wash your face once you’re done working on your computer. Washing helps clear off tiny specks of electromagnetic particles attached to your facial skin.

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