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SpotCamReview : See What You Care! Anytime, Anywhere


In this ever-growing, ever-developing world, all of us are inevitably competing to work hard and earn a better life-style. Full day staying out of house if not a new concept.

It would so fitting if you could access a view of your home through your smartphone, tablet, PC or our laptop! Well, now it is possible! Don’t believe me? Sit tight and keep reading, I bet by the end of the article, not only you would be convinced of what I’m saying but also you would be persuaded to buy the product as I myself am!

Overview :

SpotCam is the product I’m talking about! SpotCam is basically a high definition monitoring camera, easy to setup and connect to your smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet. With SpotCam you can stay connected wherever you go. No more concerns about what is happening back at home when you are out! Once you install a SpotCam and you will see what you have missed before when you were out!


 Easy Setup :

SpotCam Feature supports Wi-fi which means you only have to plug in the power cord. After that, all you have to do is connect the Wi-fi and just make an account on, that’s it! No tedious setup procedure or anything.

 Night Vision and HD Video Quality :

Don’t wanna miss anything when you are on the road at night too? SpotCam is equipped with a 12x IR LED to support night vision. Actually, I should say *Professional Night Vision*. With it, you can even view anything in pitch black!

Real-time Alert :

With the detection of any motion of sound, you would receive an E-mail or notification in the smartphone APP. Even if there is some problem in connecting the SpotCam to the server, you would be informed.

 Social Networking :

SpotCam free cloud service provides one click share function to Facebook/Youtube. Even it provides film making function for making a film out of your recorded video and shares it with your friends!

 A Talking Camera :

Spotcam has a in-built microphone and a speaker. So, listening to what is happening at your place – *Okay Good*. Also talking back to your child or pet – *Oh WOW* !

 Timely Recording and Cross Platform Viewing:

You can schedule to turn SpotCam On and Off according to your work timings. Also, to view SpotCam recordings on either your Smartphone or Tablet or PC or Laptop is not an issue.

 Guaranteed Privacy :

Your recordings are protected by two best measures. The bank level SSL video transmission and also video encryption on the SpotCam free cloud server. To access your video without your permission is impossible!

 Made to be Simple :

SpotCam can be placed anywhere on a surface. It can stand firmly without falling. It can also be mounted on wall with the mounting plate provided in the package and can be removed off the plate eaily without the screwing-unscrewing hassle. SpotCam is designed in such manner to look elegant and it can blend in anywhere you place it.

SpotCam Free Cloud Service :

SpotCam cloud server stores all of your videos. Those days to install a DVR are gone. Welcome the modern days of cloud computing!

Once bought, SpotCam provides full time free recording forever with 24 hours video retention! ” What?” , ” Yeah, you read it right! ” They are the only ones in the market to provide a lifetime free recording. If you want to increase the duration of video retention then other NVR packages of 3 days, 7 days and 30 days are available.

As mentioned earlier the SpotCam could service is safe as your money in the bank protected by dual measures. With the NVR packages, you can save your favorite video clip for lifetime.

The SpotCam cloud service also gives the”OnAir ” feature if you want to share your with the world live “OnAir”. Yes, Of course you can make them private whenever you want.

Playing Car Games Could Really Be a Great Fun

car games

Cars are undoubtedly the first love of a boy. He dreams for all that big cars he will never able to buy and drive. He even has large posters of luxury cars in his room that he knows are far out of his reach. In the end, the best or maybe the only way he can get a chance to drive and experience these cars is through online games that involve car racing or car parking. Online car games have come up with the most amazing car game experience ever. is the place a car lover should visit to gain an amazing car experience.

Parking and driving games:

This website is best to provide a wide range of parking and driving games. You just need to drop the clutch and get completely involved in the game. These online car games have amazing graphics and astounding sound effects. A player feels like he is sitting in the car and driving it himself. The real fun starts when you compete with other cars to get your place in the parking lot or to get that first spot in racing.

Adventure begins with the parking games:

In the parking games, you need to find the right spot and compete with other cars to place it in that place without damaging it. These games may sound simple initially but as you keep moving through different phases, you will feel a rush of bold inside you. With each level the games gets more exciting and engaging.

Get competitive with racing games:

Racing games might sound simple but they actually are the toughest ones to play. You can choose your favorite car that you were longing for since your childhood to drive. You might not able to drive it in real life but your computer screen definitely gives you a chance to experience that feeling. You need to compete with all other high-end cars and make sure you reserve that top spot for yourself. You will have to go through a lot of hurdles and barriers. These barriers also get tough as you move forward in the game successfully. You need to reach the top position without causing much damage to your chosen vehicle.

Amazing features of the cars:

All the cars involved in the online car game are high speed and jet engine enabled. The highest possible speeds will make you feel like you are flying the car. The tracks you will have to follow will be the craziest you have ever seen. They will be filled with lots of turns and twists, loops, obstacles and dangerous jumps.

Threat free games:

The games on car games do not get freeze and do not harm your computer at all. You can call your friends and family online to play a multiplayer with them this way you will be able to make it even more exciting and engaging. The biggest threat a person has while playing online games is virus. 1-car games come up with full security and do not make your virus vulnerable to any sorts of online virus.

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